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High Quality Facility, High Quality Dentists

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Posted by vorchak42 on 08/06/2010
I have been treated by 2 dentists here, most recently by Dr. Lee. Cavities are no fun, but he and the rest of the staff worked efficiently and carefully.

The equipment is clean and modern. The place itself is either relatively new, or it was recently remodeled. It is a very high-end feel, with flat screen TVs, and a general clean environment. The receptionist and other staff are also helpful & friendly. Pearla Dental is the only Dentist I go to in Worcester for a reason.

BEST Place for Kids

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Posted by BESTPlace4Kids on 08/25/2010
We took our 3 kids to the office and were VERY impressed in the friendliness of the staff and dentist and the cleanliness of the office. The waiting room is huge and has video games and books for the kids.

They apparently have weekly raffles for more games. I'm sticking with this place.


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Posted by pinkcat234 on 08/26/2010
There's movie and games in the reception area The staff is friendly and helpful. They asked my children if they would like to play a video game while waiting.

The female dentists showed me my cavities on the TV in the dental chair before working on them.

Although the place is sometimes busy, its nice, modern and easy going. A welcome change.

We are truly happy to have found Pearla…

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Posted by sumeerkathur on 11/29/2011
We are truly happy to have found Pearla Dental after visiting numerous others clinics. The environment was comfortable, friendly, caring and affordable. My wife needed extensive treatment including crowns and I wanted to have it all completed before the end of the year. The clinic was quite accommodating to our specific needs. The staff is friendly and will go out of their way to help patients with their dental needs. Definitely, my dentist of choice and I would recommend it to everyone.

Pleasantly Pleased.

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Posted by patientRose on 12/07/2011
Pleasantly Pleased. Having had extensive work in the past, I was pleasantly pleased to experience the prompt, immediate, personal attention that was given. I hadn't reviewed this type of service or attention until I came here to Pearla. I am most grateful for the work that was done at Pearla and I do highly recommend them to my friends.

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